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Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service has informed us that the planned upgrade at Natural Bridge has been rescheduled to early July 2016 instead of 13-24 June 2016. Therefore Tour Gold Coat will keep operating Natural Bridge Glow Worm Tour through 13-24 June 2016 as the glow-worm cave at Natural Bridge will remain open till the commencement of the work in July 2016.

【IMPORTANT】Information of Glow Worm Cave Closure

From 13th June to 24th June, Glow Worm cave at Natural Bridge will be closed due to necessary improvements on the stairs leading into the cave. During the closure period, we will be operating an alternative tour visiting Joalah Section of Mt Tamborine National Park to do night bush walk and glow worm viewing. This section of Mt Tamborine displays glow worms on the banks in natural environments. Please click TITLE to get further details.

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Greenhouse Gas Emission Program

We have offset 50 tonnes Co2e of carbon emissions during the last year. We would like to thank all our customers for their support for this cause. Tour Gold Coast commits continued support on activities for global environment conservation.

Giving back to our gracious host

Tour Gold Coast is a proud supporter of Greenfleet, and has been participating in its native tree planting program to offset CO2-e and restore balance. During our tours, tour guides ask for a voluntary donation. With your generous support, in the last 6 months we have been able to plant 115 trees to establish a biodiverse forest and offset 31 tonnes of CO2-e.
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